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Hundreds of people have benefited from Barry's patient and empathetic approach to learning the guitar, based on a professional and personalised strategy.

If you'd like to learn to play guitar in a friendly, welcoming environment with a teacher who has a reputation in helping students of all ages and abilities in an informal yet structured way, then look no further.

“I have worked with Barry for many years as a musician. He is a very talented guitarist and vocalist and exhibits a versatility that enables him to tackle a range of music styles. He moulds his teaching techniques to the needs and interests of his students and is able to develop an enthusiasm for learning so that students are motivated to achieve their full potential,” Robin Field  May 2012

Barry has decades of stage experience including theatres and festivals all over the UK and is also highly qualified, with 2 teaching certificates and a masters degree in songwriting.

His Tamworth (Midlands UK) based studio is conducive to relaxed and effective learning and he ensures that the student improves by playing the songs of their choice at their chosen pace!

Watch a video about Barry's teaching here

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