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The Lost Metal: A Mistborn Novel

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Sanderson, Brandon (August 31, 2017). "Oathbringer's Final Step". brandonsanderson.com . Retrieved August 31, 2017. Damn. Old blustering Harms made that joke?” He looked up at her with wide eyes. “Oh, hell, Marasi. Am I getting old? Was that an old man joke?” Politically Incorrect Villain: The antagonistic mayor of Bilming is introduced with a rant about how kandra aren't even people, just puppets of Harmony, using "It" Is Dehumanizing. Naturally he's a member of the Set. Unexpected Inheritance: At the end, the minor character Allriandre is ambivalent to learn that Wayne — The Atoner who had killed her father — has died and bequeathed most of his estate to her. Then she learns he had become one of the richest people in the country. To say that her financial woes are over is an understatement. Time Skip: About five to six years after The Bands Of Mourning. Wax and Steris have had two kids in some not-quite Babies Ever After; communication lines between the Southern Continent and the Basin are open and tourism is stated to be a thing; and technology has advanced, with electric trains, early 20th century battleships, and early ( fantastic) nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles being developed.

Info Dump: The Lost Metal is arguably more of a Cosmere novel than a Mistborn novel, involving many proper nouns and magic systems from other worlds. Marasi functions as an Audience Surrogate for this, having off-world operatives among the Ghostbloods explain their powers to her and, by proxy, readers unfamiliar with the wider Cosmere. Most of the hands on the Senate floor went up. For a simple vote like this, a more straw poll method would do—unless the vote turned out to be very close. It wasn’t. Secretly Wealthy: Wayne has become this by the time of the Grand Finale. His investments into early electric companies have proven fruitful, and he turns out to have some Hidden Depths when it comes to business. It's implied that he'll be responsible for funding Scadrial's first organized sporting league, just furthering his wealth. Amusingly, every time he is finding a new venture, he is actively trying to go broke, seeing himself as not the right person to be rich, only to fail spectacularly. By the time of his death, his accountants estimate that he's the fourth richest person in the entire city. It also gets played for some comedy after Wayne's death. He uses one of his accounts to set up and bankroll a series of posthumous practical jokes to play on Wax, Steris, and Marasi. The 'campaign' is still ongoing two years after Wayne's death, leaving everybody resigned to the likelihood that with that kind of funding, Wayne will go on posthumously pranking them all indefinitely. Tor.com is serializing The Lost Metal from now until its release on November 15. New chapters will go live every Monday at 12pm ET. We’re thrilled to also share selections from the audiobook edition, narrated by Michael Kramer—find chapters three and four below! Let us know what you thought of the book—share your theories, your favorite bits, and thoughts about what you’d like to see as we learn even more about the Cosmere and how its worlds connect…

And I’m not quite forty,” Wayne said. “More like sixteen if you take account of my spry youthful physique.” The second problem was far closer to home. It was the parts of the Basin that were outside the capital, the people in what were collectively known as the Outer Cities. For years, maybe decades, tensions had been building between the city of Elendel and everyone else. He’d expected boos, and he got a few. But most of the chamber fell silent, watching him hold those letters aloft. They were afraid of letting power leave the capital. Afraid that Outer Cities politics would change their culture. They were cowards.

Lyn: Even more than the career aspect, though…I loved seeing him become a family man. His relationship with Steris was a beautiful evolution, and one of the more realistic romances in Sanderson’s books. It was a gradual realization that the flaws we see in one another may actually, in the right circumstances, be features instead, and worthy of love and admiration. Memorial Statue: For Wayne, in the final epilogue. They include a hat that can be switched out, and a couple plaques of quotes; one profound, one rude. That m i n e ’ s e a t i n ’ her away, he thought. It h a s n ’ t gobbled her up like it did Pa, but it’s gnawing on her. I have three Allomantic grenades,” she said. “All of the new design. And two flash-bangs. Wax charged one of the grenades for me before we left.”It’s not politics or Allomancy. … It’s never been either/or. That part of your life isn’t over merely because you didn’t need it for awhile.” Damn conners and their damn tight lips.” He reached the bottom and dropped off the rope softly, with a rustle of cloth and boots on stone, then held the rope steady for her. He took his seat finally, next to Yancey Yaceczko, a good-natured and patient fellow—and one of the senators who’d actually listened to Wax. In the dust? And near the opening, they were crusted over with sewage from boots? Seriously, Wayne, you can be remarkably oblivious for a detective.”

Why’d you want to do that?” Wayne asked. “Better to shoot ’im right in the fly. That’s gotta hurt something bad.” Well, the Roughs variety of it,” Wayne said. “Usually involved holdin’ some bloke’s face down in the trough until he remembered whose old prospectin’ claim he’d been filchin’, but it’s the same principle. With more swearin’.” Thanks,” he said. “Why ain’t you told me of this Blatant Barm before? If he was so bad wouldn’t he be the first one you told stories about?” Ross: Oh yeah, I’d never bad-mouth Era 2. Wax and Wayne have a buddy vibe that’s top tier, and Steris is on the tippy top of my changed-my-initial-opinion-about-this-character list. I mostly just wished that some of this Era’s conclusion had been a little more…conclusive?Sex God: MeLaan tells Wayne that, even in her immortal lifetime, sex with him was the best she had ever had. Unfortunately she is saying this to take some of the sting off as she breaks up with him. Lyn: We’re bringing you this article today from Dragonsteel 2022, where Ross is volunteering and I’m selling my novel in the exhibitor hall. Please excuse any rambling on our parts; we’ve been working on this while simultaneously doing a reread of the book and getting ready for the con, so we may be a bit unhinged. But that’s half the fun, eh? Well, they’re in his closet,” Wayne said. “Instead of three pairs of his poshest shoes. Which somehow ended up in my closet, completely by happenstance.” He glanced at her. “It was a fair trade. I liked those boots.” Wax's sister Telsin, the leader of the Set, a terrorist group working for Trell (actually a Shard of Adonalsium called Autonomy), plots to smuggle a magical equivalent of an atomic bomb into Elendel. Marasi goes on a mission with a mysterious group known as the Ghostbloods, led by Kelsier, to stop Autonomy's forces from invading the world. Meanwhile, Wax and Wayne go to confront Telsin at the Set's base, killing several Set members, but discover that the bomb is not there, and instead is on a ship headed for the city. Marasi stops enemies in time and disables their portal, preventing the invasion, while Wax reaches the boat with Wayne. The duo discover that the bomb can be defused, but the defuser will die in the process. Wayne sacrifices himself to both defuse the bomb and save Wax. Telsin's overloaded body dies upon Autonomy removing her influence.

W e ’ r e going to find you, Trell, Marasi thought, creeping forward. She’d first heard that name uttered by a dying man, years ago—and she was increasingly certain Trell was a god of vast power like Harmony. You can’t hide forever. Not if you want to keep influencing the world.Mistborn: The Lost Metal is an urban fantasy novel written by American author Brandon Sanderson. It was published on November 15, 2022 by Tor Books. [1] It is the fourth and final book in the Wax and Wayne series and seventh in the Mistborn series. [2] It is preceded by The Bands of Mourning in 2016 and is to be followed by a new trilogy, written after release of fifth Stormlight Archive book. Marasi nodded. Cycle was the lowest level of real officer in the Set. They were local bosses that operated gangs of hired muscle. Miles Hundredlives had been a Cycle, reporting to the Suit above him. This man was dressed in an upscale way—visibly more decorated than the others in the cavern. He was also lean, muscular, and tall. As a Cycle, he might be Metalborn. So they’d best not underestimate him in a fight.

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